Understanding The Basics Of Personal Injury Claim Proceedings

Understanding The Basics Of Personal Injury Claim Proceedings

injured personWhile you hope you never find yourself in a situation where you have to go to court over a personal injury case, you want to educate yourself, so you know what to expect.

The proceedings begin when you become injured and get an attorney from Matt Dion & Associates to file suit on your behalf. This is when the claims process begins as the lawyers work on getting you compensated while you should be able to focus on recovering.

Insurance Companies Get Involved In Personal Injury Claims

personal injury lawyersOften insurance companies get involved. This will be any responsibility for covering you and your injuries, and any on behalf of the individual or entity liable for your damages. The attorney works to see the right people pay the bills while you recover. Your recovery, or struggles, or both, help determine what the attorney sees as being an appropriate and realistic settlement demand.

The doctors are going to be involved in this process, and while most people hope for a quick resolution, these types of cases can drag on for some time especially if there’s much contention between the two parties.

Settlements are negotiated when able and when not the attorney sues. As often as not the insurance company gets sued for not paying what they owe or trying to deny payment. Sometimes it is the individual sometimes both. However, if a settlement can’t be agreed upon then a lawsuit, it must be.

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