Pain Management For Your Dogs At Home

The useful info from general plant name of Cannabis Sativa is often used in conjunction with CBD. There are a variety of strains of the plant, and each strain has slightly different properties. All cannabis plants, regardless of the pressure, contain CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Both forms are used for medicinal purposes. CBD cannot make you or your pet high, and THC is the psychoactive ingredient that can make you or your pet great.

There are many health benefits for CBD. It can protect against many of the adverse effects of the THC. It can also work for a myriad of health conditions for your pet.

What’s So Great About CBD?

The use of CBD and cannabis isn’t new, in fact, it’s been successfully used for many decades. Thanks to modern technology and research, we now have the ability to harness the medicinal properties of the CBD and cannabis for our beloved pets.

With new emerging research, the use of cannabis and CBD for pets is becoming more and more popular. There is a myriad of medical conditions that can benefit from the use of CBD oil. To get more information on CBD products you can visit

Elderly pets struggling from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions will greatly benefit from the use of CBD. It can reduce the inflammation and the chance of other medical conditions.

It works well on inflammatory bowel disease or IBD as well. Many cats struggle with this condition, and they will have vomiting and diarrhea or even lose weight. Introducing CBD into their diet will significantly reduce the symptoms of this disease and provide them with much-needed relief.

Pancreatitis is another medical condition that cats often get. Similar to IBD, it can be very challenging to treat. The use of a low-fat diet, CBD, and herbal remedies may help to reduce the incidence of the condition in cats. There are both capsule and oil options that may be used depending on if your cat is willing to swallow a pill or not.

Arthritis is a severe inflammatory condition that affects many elderly cats. There aren’t a lot of other pharmaceutical options out there for treating arthritis in cats and the fact that a few drops of CBD oil can relieve many of the symptoms is comforting to their owners. Cats are much more reclusive to dogs and thus less likely to let you know when they are hurting. You may only figure it out by how they are walking (favoring a hip or leg) or act. You can also try other remedies such as massage and acupuncture, but results from the use of CBD oil have been staggering and shown great promise.

Cancer can affect cats as well as people. The use of CBD oil for treating cancer in cats isn’t anything new. Sadly, there are few treatments available save for the CBD oil for treating cats suffering from cancer. It can significantly relieve pain, reduce tumor size and in some cases, it can completely eradicate tumors.

Asthma, if you have a cat who is wheezing, there is a pretty good chance he or she has asthma. It’s very common for cats, and you can’t exactly give them a treatment with a steroid or a breathing treatment. CBD is an ideal option that works well in helping to manage the symptoms of asthma. CBD for cats can significantly reduce their need for further medications.